Hardwood Flooring Refinishing

As proud craftsmen, we at Simply Hardwood Flooring will ensure the history of your hardwood flooring is revealed and celebrated. Properly refinished hardwood floors can shine and breathe new life into any space. If done correctly, they become the focal point of just about every room.

To ensure the best possible result for your floors, we analyze your unique flooring situation and present our recommendation. Understanding floor age, wood type, installation methods, underlayment materials, and other critical issues can ensure you get the best result for your hardwood floor-refinishing project. Sadly, too many refinishers treat every floor equally and miss opportunities to create the best possible result for their client. Our experience and craftsmanship will deliver years of beauty and enjoyment from your floors.

What Customer Say…

“Todd loves his craft and it shows in everything he does! He refinished my beautiful 1400 s.f. newly laid white oak floor after another flooring contractor had hacked, I mean hacked, the job up. I now have the absolutely most beautiful floor possible - and let me tell you I know first hand what kind of nasty job I could have gotten from someone else. Save yourself the pain; call Todd!”
David Bemis
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“I highly recommend Simply Hardwood Flooring. They did excellent work at a reasonable price. We were very pleased with their service.”
Adam Beyer
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“Todd and his team did a top notch job installing and finishing our new oak floor. He took the time to lay down different color stains right on the floor so that my wife and could select the stain to match our kitchen cabinets. Thank you for a beautiful floor!”
Mike Bicek
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No Odor, Mess, or Harmful Chemicals

Advancements in hardwood floor refinishing allows refinishing projects to be stress-free and toxic-free from start to finish. We pride ourselves on using the most durable and safe floor finishes available to ensure our client has a superior finish to their floors and a safe environment for their family. Our industry knowledge ensures you achieve the look you want using the safest products on the market.

Dustless Hardwood Floor Refinishing

With almost 30 years of experience refinishing hardwood floors, we have identified and partnered with the best industry suppliers nationwide to guarantee a clean, dustless, and non-toxic floor sanding process. Our dust containment system collects sanding byproduct wood particles and secures them in our industrial negative air machine providing a safe and clean sanding process and no dust residue. Our sanding unit is direct-connected to our vacuum system in our truck outside, so the dust is gone and you’re left with beautiful, rejuvenated hardwood floors and a clean environment. There are many methods available to refinish hardwood floors, and this system ensures the best result for your floors through the cleanest possible method.

Nontoxic Hardwood Floor Refinishing

We use the Bona Refinishing System—the first and only hardwood floor finishing system to earn non-profit GREENGUARD certification for indoor air quality including passing GREENGUARD’s more stringent Children and Schools Program indoor air quality criteria. Using Bona Hardwood Floor cleaners and low-VOC, high-performance waterborne finishes that expel no harmful fumes and don’t pollute the air with harmful chemicals or particulates, the Bona system offers environmentally the safest hardwood floor finishing system available. Learn more about GREENGUARD Certification.

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Our Work

Here’s a sampling of the hardwood floor refinishing jobs we’ve been honored to complete. Go to our portfolio to view a larger slide show of our work.

In many cases, homeowners have only one or two chances to refinish their hardwood floors. Trust a professional with years of experience to ensure you get the best possible result with no odor, mess, or harmful chemical exposure.

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